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Raiment Fabrics BD. is a 100% Export Oriented Fabric Manufacturer & Supplier, established in the year 2018. The quality standards are engaged in manufacturing of pocketing fabric as well as shell fabric. Under the profound guidance of Managing Director, Directors and skilled employees our company has gained immense success and earned goodwill in the textile industries. The Managing Director is guiding our team with his wide experience and skill. We’ve come a long way and always try to keep buyers from around the world. We think the boundless efforts will always keep Raiment Fabrics BD. as a unique name in the Textile Sphere. Raiment Fabrics BD. is applied for the membership of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMEA). The company has a team of dedicated professional workers who are earnestly sincere and careful about their responsibility to produce quality fabric. Our product is made using top quality yarn that is procured from reliable sources. We make use of good in-house infrastructure and machines as well as simple hand tools that helps in producing quality fabric in large volumes and varieties. Our team of talented employees and strong work force is our asset who ensures quality finished fabric. We are dedicated to offer timely delivery of goods and services at affordable prices.


Board of Directors



Marketing office: 

raimentHouse # 39 (A2) Road # 05, Sector # 13 Uttara, Dhaka-1230

Factory: Monoharpur, Madhobdi, Narsingdi, Bangladesh.

Factory Capacity:

Floor Space: 20,000 SFT 

Production Capacity: Our annual production capacity is 2.4M mtr. Fabric. 

Machineries: We’ve looms of following range: 

Machineries Details:

Shuttle Looms: 30 No’s

Country of Origin: China

Working Width: 56” 02. 

Rapier Looms: 24 No’s,

Brand: Vamatex.

Model: C401s

 Countryof Origin: Italy

Working Width: 75”

Shuttle Looms: 40 No’s

Country of Origin: China

Working Width: 56” 

Rapier Looms: 30 No’s,

Brand: Ishikawa

 Country of Origin: Japan Working Width: 75” 

Dyeing & Finishing Facilities:

 We have agreement with couple of dyeing/printing & finishing factories which ensure good quality dyeing and emergency support for the buyers: 

Work Environment

We make sure our employees get all the modern facilities. That’s why our permanent office is decorated with renowned interior designers and equipped with all possible facilities that are mandatory for comfortable work environment. Besides we also ensured safe and spacious workplace for our factory workers. We set up our machineries in such manner that anyone can move easily while working and maximum safeties remain intact. Moreover, our factory is situated in such a place where day light is enough and air circulation is abundant. 

Quality Assurance:

Raiment Fabrics BD. (RFB) assures quality through below flow chart activities:

  1. Use of best quality yarn
  2. Quality monitoring during production
  3. Skilled operator & regular maintenance of looms
  4. Gray fabric inspection and Mending
  5. Dispatch to Dyeing
  6. Final inspection before delivery
  7. Prompt solution if any problem arises.

 Our Clients:

 We are doing our business successfully with following buyers –

  1. Cotton
  2. OBS
  3. Auchan
  4. Impresive Group
  5. Reza Fashion
  6. Birds Group
  7. Al-Muslim Group
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