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Goodlink dot Global (G.G) www.goodlink.global is consists of Goodlink Enterprise, Rich 1 Trading Co. Ltd., Raiment Fabrics BD, Orchid (H.K) Int., Mieux Infacon Ltd., Goodlink Enterprise (Buying Japan), Just in Time (JIT), Vivant Sourcing Ltd. (VSL), BayBen Fashion (Aus), Alpha Denim (Aus), Goodlink Migration Services (GMS), Rifat International, Recond Parts, Rambler Recourses Sdn. Bhd., Befit, Goodlink Trading, Global Export Import Pty., CFC (California Fried Chicken & Pastry Shop), Impressive Garments Ltd., Tivoli Apparels Ltd., Civic Apparels Ltd., Golden Stitch Ltd., ARK Washing Ltd. Globally G.G is stationed at Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Honk Kong, USA, China and India.

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Goodlink dot Global, corporate office of GG was established at the end of 2011 and is located at Panthapath, Dhaka. It is a completely automated building with full air - conditioning, CCTV, computerized power control system, etc. This 15 storied building is built on 1,05,000 sft. and has been designed by reputed architect and consultancy firm of the country. The building has been designed on a green concept to make use of natural light and create a healthier working environment. The tower has a cafeteria located on the rooftop overlooking the busy view of Dhaka city, with a pleasant dining space for all employees to enjoy their meals. A showroom has been established on the 6th floor displaying fabric samples and client meetings. The corporate office also includes a gym and fitness centre for all employees, which operates daily to encourage employees to remain healthy and fit. The tower also has a training centre where our specialized trainers hold employee workshops regularly.

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