Impressive Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.

Our first garment factory Impressive Garments (PVT.) Ltd is structured under a robust security system with 24 hours CC. TV monitoring and recording systems.

Our factory boasts special child care and full-time medical support units. The emergency and fire drill team are well equipped and trained to face any emergency situation and carry out regular fire drills.

Impressive Garments (Pvt) Ltd. is facilitated with canteens, dining space and high-end fire-resistant doors, elevators, smoke detectors, fire hydrant system, auto fire detection system, lab facilities, hydrant systems, fire extinguishers, emergency exits, CT-PAD area for packing, metal detector zone, 24 hours electricity backup system and high force hosepipe.

Impressive Garments (Pvt) Ltd. is setup with 5 production lines run by our professional factory management team with approximately 645 skilled workers, with a production capacity of 130,000 pcs per month.

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